Rüdiger Axel Westphal celebrated the 25th anniversary of his FzKKE art gallery in Euskirchen/Germany with a Grande Soiree of European Art Performances on 2 Nov 2007: a public network family reunion in relaxed atmosphere all night long with lots of brilliant performances.
The event was curated by Katherine Mazurier and Pascal Pithois from France. He is the editor of the famous cARTed postcard series, created by artists “who do not really need them, but who very much want them”. That saturday evening, he launched his new autumn series "cARTed Junction n.225".
In this collection he also presents Peter Netmail´s postcard “Death is a Nude Cellist”. Expo artist Stiliachus started the performance night by painting a skeleton with liquid chocolate on Peter´s skin, who thereafter played a serenade by Händel for Rüdax´s jubilee, not least reminding him how time flies by: memento mori.
Thereafter followed a series of great performances, among them Rüdax & Klara´s Mobile, the Noodle Music by Bernhard & Yegor & Solvej, Inuit Siniswichi serving wine, Jan von Westfalen impersonating a poem by Pablo Neruda, the Alles sending Fluxus in Morse, Sandra Chapron smiling etc.
Participants were from Afghanistan : Azim Shabal Navabi - Belgium : Katia Fontaine, innuit siniswichi, Sofie Vangor, Dorothée Lambinon & Vincent - Germany : Anita Heinemeyer, Jan Henin, Peter Netmail, Susan Putnam-Vüllers, Curth Stiliachus, Inge van Kann, Elke Wessel, Rüdiger Abshalom Dalit Westphal, Jan Westphalen - Scotland : Bruce Nicol - Ukraine : Yegor Jurijovich Kowalchuk, Vera Makarenko, Agatha Skoljar, Kristina Klara Skoljar - France : Christian Alle, Didier Calléja Koeurspurs, Sandra Chapron, Pascale Goze, Jeanne Marinello.
The host ended up in Inge van Kann´s waste vest. He needed headphones after this wonderful festival.